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Are GMO FOODs Poison?

GMO FOODS refers to Genetically Modified Food, or Franken Foods.

Poisons are substances that cause disturbances to organisms

Why am I doing a GMO Cleanse?

Many people say that GMO Foods are unhealthy or Poison or are Allergens. Governments and Industry have been unwilling to pay for a study to determine if GMO Foods should be labeled as GMO. In almost all cases if food is not labeled Organic then it contains GMO Plants directly or indirectly. If food is GMO Free but not organic than companies should label the food appropriately.

Does Organic Food have Pesticide Residue?

Some studies have said that pesticide residue has been found in Organic Food. Pesticide residue is in rain. That is right, we have deposited so much pesticide that it is in the rain that falls from the sky. GMO Plants like the "Round Up Ready" variety allow farmers to apply more pesticide than every before. Pesticides accumulate in the body. Luckily pesticide leave a woman's body when she breast feeds. Unfortunately the pesticides will start to accumulate in the feeding child. Breast feeding is better than not breast feeding, and organic food has the lowest quantity of pesticides of any food. It is interesting to notice that Organic food is NEVER said to contain GMO Food. Why is GMO Food NEVER mentioned?

Why do I never hear about GMO Food in the Media?

It is strange that no one mentions GMO Food anymore. Before GMO was introduced the media mentioned it frequently. Then the media became silent and stopped mentioning GMO Food. Many people thought that this meant that GMO Food were banned. When the Media went silent, is when GMO went main stream.

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